Monday, October 31, 2011

Congrats #1 Announcify, #2 Sentiment Summarizer and #3 Nosy

The winner of our Chrome Hackathon is Announcify, an extension that extracts important content of a page, renders it in an easy readable, minimalistic way and reads it out loud.

Sentiment Summarizer is the second winner. The extension parses machine readable reviews on the current page, posts them to a trained, homebrew machine learning algorithm and renders the resulting sentimental summary as a pie chart.

Third place is Nosy, an extension that does some footprinting of the current page for easing up security audits, connecting various JSON APIs.

Congratulations to all of you!


  1. Some more projects created at the hackathon which are already available:
    Schematon (GitHub)
    Chrometector (GitHub)
    Header (GitHub)
    Chrock (Chrome Web Store)
    Tupalo Nearby-Explorer (Chrome Web Store)

  2. I just posted my extension on github:
    SentimentSummarizer ( You can find the sentiment analysis web service here:

    Thanks to all the organizers and participants for the great event!

  3. The version of Announcify created at the Hackathon is now available too:
    - GitHub:
    - Chrome Web Store:

    Please replace the link in the article, since it's no more available at this place...