Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GTUG Meeting on 25 October 2011

The main topic of our meeting was the upcoming Google Chrome Hackathon.

We had a talk from TomTasche about creating Google Chrome Extensions based on GWT, including an overview of GWT as a Java to JavaScript compilation environment. He presented also JSNI (JavaScript Native Interface) which allows to mix JavaScript into the Java code and through which one can use Chrome-specific JavaScript functions, like the text-to-speech functionality. An example using this principles is the Speed Tracer extension.

Fabian gave a short report on the Google Developer Day in Prague. Specifically he mentioned the office hours which allows to talk directly with the Google Developers and the specialists of areas. Among the specific items covered were SQL database support for App Engine, Full-Text search for App Engine, Google TV (Android on a box for connecting with the TV set). For all going to Berlin for GDD he shared a Google Document to make communication among participants easier.

Finally we had a talk from Joseph on programming with Native Client. He explained the environment provided, the tools and also the issues related with Native Client. Great and very much into details, exactly what is needed for preparation for the upcoming Hackathon. He also mentioned gonacl.com which is full of resources for programming using NaCl (Native Client).
With his background he also gave us a lot of information about airplane automation (and why it's good that we still have human pilots taking control).

Here the slides from the talks.

Building Chrome Extensions using GWT

Programming the Web with Native Client

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