Friday, March 9, 2012

New books in the library

We have an update to our library with two new books from O'Reilly. They are available to lend and you can get them on our next meetup, if you post a request in the group.

  1. Google Analytics: Understanding Visitor Behavior by Justin Cutroni is the introduction to web analytics which will guide you through the features of Google Analytics and help you use it for your needs to its full potential.
    A couple of first people who read & review this book will get a 50% discount on Google Analytics IQ test!
  2. Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials by James Ferreira, a brand new book just picked up from printers a few weeks ago is about Google Apps Script, a scripting language integrated in Google Apps. In January we had a hackathon devoted to this topic and many seemed to get really interested in it. So this book will help you to get deeper in the technology and demonstrate you some best practices.
To remind a bit about the rules, all books are free to lend and you're asked to share your opinion, or to review a book after you finish it.

If you're wondering what else is in our library, please refer to the post in the group with the complete list of books.

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