Monday, November 12, 2012

DevFest Vienna 2012

We had DevFest Vienna this weekend as a joint event from us (GDG Vienna) and the Java Student User Group.

A total of 143 people checked-in on day 1 at the TU Wien for sessions on mobile and web, cloud and social. A total of eleven sessions offered something for everyone!

The afterparty at the Nelson's was a great opportunity for socializing, completing day 1.  We had small color-changing lights on the table which attendees were allowed to take home afterwards, free drinks, music, a C64 emulator installation, a raffle of some prizes like books, Raspberry Pi's or Arduino kits, ... - a great relaxing atmosphere for chatting and exchanging ideas.

For the hackathon in the Metalab we had to limit the number of tickets offered. We had a prize for every attendee: Nexus 7 as the main prize for the winning teams and then a Sphero ball, Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos, books, Android-shaped loudspeakers, ...

All sessions were recorded and we are in the process of uploading them to youtube, together with links to the session materials. Stay tuned!

Part of DevFest Vienna organizers team
Our next regular meeting is on Tuesday, 20 November. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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