Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GTUG Meeting on April 24th 2012

Gerwin Sturm explained Google's Hangout API at our GTUG Vienna meeting in a live "hack and tell" format yesterday. While we all were in his Hangout, he created an extension that showed a list of the participants and got updated once someone activated or deactivated the extension. He told us about shared state and implemented a counter that increased its shared value on a button click mentioning that there is no security sandbox preventing users from changing the shared data by using the JavaScript API. After Q&A he demoed his apps, Hangout Comment Tracker (pushing G+ or YouTube comments into the Hangout), Hangout Photo Share (sharing and showing photos from the public Picasa albums), Hangout Disco (Droid characters dancing and moving around in a 3D space with music and ambient light) and an experimental app to collaboratively edit the elevation data of a 3D space. Gerwin posted all the links he mentioned yesterday, thanks a lot!
Afterwards we discussed Google Drive and discovered that there is already an SDK for it. 

Our next meeting will be on May 22nd, 7pm at Metalab, add your talks here
In the meantime, make sure you register for our Google I/O Extended event in Vienna. See you there!

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