Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GTUG Meeting 22 May 2012: Closure, Drive, GDG & programmer salaries

Wolfgang presented the Closure Tool Chain, like compiler, library, and templates.
Google Closure is used in many web applications provided by Google, like Gmail and Google Reader. All the tools are independent, so one can use the Closure compiler without the library or the templates.
He shared some of the pitfalls in using the compiler (e.g. when using together with JSON or external libraries), explained the namespace system, dependences handling, event framework and user interface components provided through the library, and presented some of the features of  Soy Templates.

Helmuth shared his impressions on Google Drive and the Drive SDK / API. Google Drive is the successor of Google Documents, and the "old" Documents List API is still usable for Google Drive. The Google Drive SDK / API focuses on being friendly to security conscious end-users, as the user will only grant access to files on a per-file base. This is in contrast to the Documents List API which grants access to all documents and files. However, using the Google Drive SDK / API is mostly only useful for web-based applications integrated with the Google Drive UI.

Constantin announced that our GTUG Vienna will be renamed and will now be called Google Developer Group Vienna. The new domain is gdg-vienna.at (currently a redirect to gtug.at), and in the next weeks we will change our appearance on all channels.

Joseph started with a question on programmer salaries in Austria: are they too low? This initiated a lively discussion, covering all aspects of payment and benefits, management practices and costs of company organization, quality of software development, and a lot more.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Our next event is the Google I/O Extended on 27-29 June 2012.
Links & presentation from the meeting:

Closure Tools & Library

Google Drive: Presentation held by Steve Bazyl at GTUG San Francisco

Google Drive SDK & API
Google Drive CLI Client (based on the Drive SDK / API)

Are Programmer Salaries in Austria too low?

Start of Discussion link can be found here:

Hackernews topic here:

DerStandard referenced article here

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