Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GDG meeting on 24 July: Google I/O wrap-up, Google+ History API, go-rest

Gerwin and Helmuth gave a summary of all announcements from Google I/O, like the Google+ History API, Google Drive API v2, Android Jelly Bean, Project Glass, Chrome for IOS, ... - with the massive amount of news from Google I/O not an easy task! They brought all devices from Google I/O with them, and an Android mascot full with jelly beans was shared with the participants. All the pictures taken by participants are available on the Google+ event page.

In the following talk about the Google+ History API Gerwin presented his Songtracker extension (source code repository). Note: Google+ History API is still in developer preview, to see history entries or to use the extension you first have to register.

Erik talked about go-rest, a "small and evil REST framework for Go". This framework might be considered bad design as it does not follow the simple made easy approach, but sometimes evil is useful and fun to use! He also talked about the usage of Go, e.g. in youtube (vitess - scaling MySQL databases for the Web) and in the backend of SoundCloud.

And finally an exciting announcement as promised: DevFest is coming to Vienna! A two-day event with hands-on sessions, codelabs, tech talks on day one, and a full-day hackathon with focus on Android. DevFests will be organized world-wide by GTUGs and GDGs as large-scale community events. Together with JSUG we will host this first DevFest in Vienna. More details to follow, stay tuned!

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