Thursday, August 30, 2012

August meetup

While it is still warm and sunny outside, here's what happened during our cool and inspiring August meetup:
  • Thomas Schranz of gave a talk about Dart, Google's "class-based programming language for creating structured web applications". You can find his slides on Google Docs. He also recommends reading the slides of Florian Loitsch and watching a video of Bob Nystrom
  • Lars Dieckow of, our serial rantepreneur (don't google this, it will be a recursion), ranted about his dislikes of the month, shared his improvement ideas, complimented Google for killing iGoogle in November and promoted the role of a development program mentor. 
  • Franz Enzenhofer, who runs a (no bullshit) SEO company and is into (moving) pictures (and avocados), showed and demoed Sinne, his high level wrapper around getUserMedia, that gives you easy access to the cameras and microphones of your users.
See you all in September!

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