Monday, April 15, 2013

AR.Drone Hackathon

On Saturday, April 13th a small group of people met up in Metalab for a hackathon centered around the AR.Drone based on a Chrome App project (while other people preferred to spend the nice weather outside).

While we didn't have many participants we still managed to get two groups working on quite different projects.

+Kariem Hussein+Marc Edem and +Turdean Timea worked on controlling the drone with gestures recognized via a webcam. (Source code)

+Anna Kastlunger+Gerwin Sturm and +Shadi Abanni first started off trying to get the video stream working which turned out more troublesome than expected. They then changed plans and worked with the navigation data provided by the drone to give some visual feedback about orientation, altitude and battery state inside of the Chrome App. (Source code)

Most importantly we had lots of fun trying not to crash the Drone too often :)

You can find several photos and videos of the event on the Google+ Event page

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