Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Meetup: Upcoming Events, Mirror API, Dart

Kariem Hussein gave a summary on the upcoming events of GDG Vienna. On Saturday, 13 April we will have a dedicated AR Drone Hackathon, later in May Google I/O Extended, and our AppEngine hackathon will now be on 15 June.

Gerwin Sturm talked about Google Glasses and the Mirror API. Google Glasses will be programmed through the cloud, using a REST-based API. The original expectations that applications might be written directly running on Google Glasses seem not to come true. See this summary paper for more details!

Nik Graf from blossom io offered us insight into the usage of Dart at their product. More can also be read on the post from Thomas Schranz.

Thanks to all who were coming! It was a very nice atmosphere again.
See you on Saturday 13 April for the AR.Drone Hackathon!

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